Getting the Most Out of Your Havalon Skinning Knife

By John Barrett,
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Nice and Easy Does It Every Time

John Barrett, VP of Sales and MarketingNow that we’re into the various hunting seasons (at last!), I know a lot of people will be skinning and deboning a deer, elk or other large animal with one of our knives for the first time.  Havalon knives are different from traditional skinning knives.   You may need to learn a slightly different style of cutting to get the most out of your Havalon.

First, the blade you are using is ground and honed exactly the same way we hone a delicate surgeon’s blade.  With a Havalon, you’re working with an exquisitely sharp blade, what many guys call “crazy sharp.”  You wouldn’t picture a surgeon twisting and gouging real hard with a surgical knife during a surgery, right?  So, you too should avoid twisting and gouging with your Havalon.

Let the “crazy sharp” edge do the work with easy slitting and slicing motions.  Start twisting the handle to force your way through a tough spot and (“oh @#%&) you won’t be happy with the result.  You’ll either break the blade or snap it off the handle.  Some guys twist and pry so hard they actually break the stop pin on their knife.  If that happens to you, call us and we’ll replace it for you.  But avoid this altogether by learning to go easy.

Even when busting joints you don’t need to use brute force with your knife.  Slow down and take the time to cut the ligaments.  Then break the joint apart using your hands.

When you find yourself applying a lot of pressure to cut with a Havalon, it’s time to change the blade.  At a cost of about .50 cents for a Piranta blade, do you really need to worry whether it takes two blades instead of one to skin an elk? This has to be the least expensive decision you will make during your hunt.  Not to mention the time you’ll save using our Quik-Change method instead of sharpening.

Thank you for the great support of Havalon Knives we are experiencing.  And please share the “easy-does-it” message about slitting and slicing motions for success with a Havalon.  Good luck with your hunts this year!

Any tips for guys using their first Havalon?

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52 Responses to Getting the Most Out of Your Havalon Skinning Knife

  1. Gary Hauboldt says:

    Do your knives, the Piranta Bolt in particular, have lockback blades? That is, when open do you have to push a release in order to close it so that it doesn’t accidentally close while in use? I’ve searched your website, including comments, and found no mention of it. I’ve also called and the (very polite) response that I received was that she never heard the phrase lockback and couldn’t understand what I was asking.

  2. All of our Piranta knives have a liner-lock construction, which means there is a button you push that releases the blade when you want it to close. We use the phrase “liner-lock” and not “lockback,” which might explain the confusion. Hope this helps!


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