How To Hunt Ducks By Jump Shooting – Part 2

Motoring to the Ducks

By Bernie Barringer

Duck hunting - motoring to the ducksI’ve already given you a lot of information about this, but here are a couple more tips. The key to this is that you have to get close. Large, straight rivers will not work well for this. The rivers and streams that work the best are small, winding streams with lots of cover along the sides. Wood Ducks love lots of trees along the sides, and mallards are not afraid to drop right into tight places either. Slow current is best. Fast moving current will not hold ducks for long unless there are eddies they can tuck into.

Occasionally you will find a river with wide areas that seem more like marshes. These will attract the same ducks that any marsh would, but it is harder to sneak up on them. Look for tight, necked-down areas. That’s where you will find the best shooting.

Be sure to check your state’s regulations before doing this. There are bound to be regulations regarding shooting with a motor on the boat, shooting while the boat is moving, or shooting while the boat is under power. There is certain to be regulations about the use of life jackets and steel shot too. Can you have your gun out of a case when the boat motor is running? Every state is different. Make sure you know the laws.

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