How to Debone an Elk Using the Gutless Method

On Outdoor Life’s “Live Hunt” Blog, Aron Snyder Debones an Elk with a Havalon Piranta

How To Debone An Elk - Gutless Method - by Aron Snyder for Outdoor Life

Aron Snyder

Want to learn the gutless method of processing wild game in the field? Watch this short video from Aron Snyder, a star from Outdoor Life’s Live Hunt blog, as he demonstrates how he removes the meat from an elk without gutting the animal.

How To Debone An Elk by Aron Snyder, star of Outdoor Life’s Live Hunt blog

Have you tried the gutless method on big game in the field? Which do you prefer, field dressing first, or the gutless method?

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2 Responses to How to Debone an Elk Using the Gutless Method

  1. Fran Peter Archuleta says:

    Hi, I was very disappointed in not being able to watch the gutless removal of meat from an elk. Can you let me know when the video is working again. Is the video available elsewhere? Are the instruction in written form anywhere. My big game archery hunting is probably over for the year; but, with my contacts, I might just get lucky. I once showed a major hunter how to skin a deer with a pickup.

  2. havalon says:

    Thank you for letting us know that the link didn’t work for you. It was having trouble yesterday, but as far as we know, that was a temporary glitch. If it still isn’t working, try this link: Outdoor Life – Aron Snyder Debones an Elk

    Pat Carrothers
    Havalon Knives

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