Black Bears by Bow & Arrow, Part Three: Attractors by Bill Vaznis

Bill Vaznis, Editor of Bear Hunting Magazine

Bill Vaznis, Editor of Bear Hunting Magazine

Many outfitters, guides and do-it-yourself hunters use “stink baits” as a primary attractor, hoping the outlandish odors will quickly attract bears to the bait station. Where legal, rotting fish or beaver carcasses work great as does a pail of dated chicken or various meat by-products left out in the sun for several weeks.


Another trick is to smear lard, cooking grease or even peanut butter on several nearby tree trunks to help “steer” the bear towards the bait station. An incoming bear goes from one tree to the next until he “stumbles” upon your cache of goodies. Even a burlap bag soaked in molasses and then spread between branches where it can catch the evening breezes has been known to attract bears to an ambush site.

One of the best attractors however is a grease pad. Peanut oil, discarded chicken fryer grease or even molasses can be spread upon the ground around the bait site. As bears come to dine, they invariable get the oil or grease on their fur and feet. When they leave and go where bears go they can’t help but leave a scent trail behind that other bears often find irresistible. This is a good way to get multiple bears on a bait station.

By Bill Vaznis for The Havalon Post

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