Where to Find Largemouth Bass During Fall Fishing
~ By Darl Black

Largemouth Bass

In the fall when largemouth bass follow gizzard shad up the creek
arms of reservoirs, anglers can
find themselves fishing some
shallow water.

The end-of-summer into fall is a transition period for bass. However, it’s impossible to paint bass in all the varied environments with one broad stroke. It’s important to recognize the general scenario that occurs on most waters, but be prepared for exceptions, too.

Large man-made reservoirs: As water temperature begins to cool, schooling baitfish species that spent the summer offshore over deeper water will begin moving towards the bank. Gizzard shad (a dominant baitfish found in many man-made reservoirs throughout the US) migrate up the major creek arms into shallow water. Bass follow the bait. But as preyfish schools in the shallows decline, bass then fallback to somewhat deeper water for the coldest temperatures of the year.

Northern natural lakes: The cooling water also triggers a movement of offshore native baitfish towards shallower water. In this case the preyfish are shiner species. Unlike large man-made reservoirs, natural lakes generally lack creek arms. Baitfish schools move to the weedy flats where bass begin to feast upon them. Eventually as shallower vegetation on the flats die off, bass will move to the deepest remaining green weeds.

Largemouth Bass

Don’t overlook dying pad beds in the early fall as a hiding place for largemouth bass.

Smaller vegetated lakes and river backwaters: On these small dishpan-like bodies of water, many largemouth bass spend the summer in shallow water under a canopy of thick weeds. Even though the weeds begin dying off due to cooling water and shorter amount of daylight, bass often hang tough in the shallow vegetation. At some point in the fall, largemouth will move out of the decaying weeds to slightly deeper water.

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