Watch for Havalon on “Live Hunt” with Aron Snyder

Aron-Snyder-Colorado-Outdoor-Life-Live Hunt #2

Aron Snyder of Outdoor Life's "Live Hunt"

Aron Snyder knows a thing or two about knives. As the star of Outdoor Life’s “Live Hunt”, he needs knives he can depend on when in the wilderness for weeks at a time. We’re happy to know he always carries a Havalon Knife in his pack.

Born and raised in a small logging town in the middle of the Oregon Cascade Mountain Range, hunting became a way of life for Aron at a very young age. His passion for the outdoors really took hold at 14, working every summer with the United States Forest Service, as part of their trail crew team clearing 10 miles of trail per day, with 5 days worth of gear on his back and an axe in hand. Upon turning 17, Aron joined the United States Army and over an 8 year period attended and graduated from; Airborne School, Air Assault School, Land Navigation, Mountaineering, Survival School and Ranger School. These days, Aron’s passion is backcountry bowhunting, and he averages 100 days a year in the wilderness, and has probably spent more time sleeping on the dirt than in a bed.

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One Response to Watch for Havalon on “Live Hunt” with Aron Snyder

  1. Brett Beinke says:

    Aron’s live hunts are very informative. He is very well respected and Outdoor Life should be honored to have him part of their team.

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