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Recipe: 3 Remarkable Rabbit Recipes

By John Jameson While you may hear many people say rabbit tastes like chicken, the meat is slightly sweeter, and is one of the healthiest, leanest meats you can eat. It’s also environmentally friendly, especially if you hunt or even … Continue reading

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Squirrel Hunting: Are You Making These 5 Mistakes?

By Cara Hunt In The Early Season It’s Easy to Forget Your Hunting Skills When you’re ready to go squirrel hunting, you’re excited to get in the woods and bag a mess of bushy tails. But if you’re not careful, … Continue reading

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5 Ways Squirrel Hunting Increases Your Odds With Big Game

By Cara Hunt Yes, Bushy Tails Can Improve Your Hunting Skills! There is no greater joy for a hunter than bringing home a deer or elk you just stalked in the woods. The greatest disappointment is putting forth your best … Continue reading

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How To Hunt Rabbits Without A Dog

Four Tips To Improve Your Chances For Cottontails By John Jameson Many hunters use dogs, particularly beagles, to hunt rabbits. A good hunting dog sniffs out or spots the rabbit and flushes it toward your gun, making it easier to … Continue reading

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10 Tips for a Great Day of Rabbit Hunting

By Pat Carrothers Learning how to hunt rabbits takes practice and patience, and for many, the fun of the hunt can be more relaxing than hunting larger game. Many hunters master their skills through trial and error, and over time, … Continue reading

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