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How to Hunt Bear In The Spring

By Bernie Barringer The Three Phases of a Spring Bear Hunt A very common saying among hunters on a week-long hunting adventure goes like this “Don’t pass up on the first day what you would shoot on the last day.” … Continue reading

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7 Gun Safety Rules You May Not Have Thought About

By Steve Sorensen The Wrong Hands for Guns I’ve never been shot, but maybe I’ve been lucky. A close call came many years ago when I was walking up the trail along a local trout stream with a buddy. He … Continue reading

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5 Hunting Tips for Smart Summer Scouting

What If Somebody Shows Up In Your Spot? Have a Back Up. By Tom Claycomb III Everyone knows scouting adds to your hunting success. But the normal guy (or gal) may get only two weeks of vacation. He uses one … Continue reading

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