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Scent-Free Hats for Dunces

By Steve Sorensen How to Eliminate the Stinkiest Scent Problem You Have “Why don’t you wash that dirty hat!” My wife had been scolding me about it for months. I justified the condition of my favorite, everyday hat by saying, … Continue reading

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How to Turn Your Trophy Tom Into an Impressive Wall Mount

By Judd Cooney With turkey season right around the corner, use this simple step-by-step guide to preserve your trophy gobbler! “Cape my turkey! I don’t want a head mount of that plumb ugly, wattled, featherless head. Besides, it’s full of … Continue reading

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6 Deer Hunting Tricks to Put Rutting Bucks on Your Map

By Bernie Barringer Spice up the scrapes for more daytime action! Like all serious whitetail hunters, I get excited when I see an area that’s all torn up with scrapes and rubs. It’s proof that a buck has recently been … Continue reading

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Fishing for Early Season Trout

By Darl Black Top 5 Bait Options and How to Rig Them Trout like worms! Don’t let the purists blame you for that! As a youngster during the 1960s, I’d plan for Pennsylvania’s opening weekend trout season as soon as the … Continue reading

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It’s Rainbow Trout You’re After?
6 Top Tips for Rainbows

by Mike Bleech Why Rainbows Are So Common Brown trout, brook trout and rainbow trout are stocked into many streams and lakes. While the three have similarities, they also have important differences. One difference is eating habits. Since eating habits … Continue reading

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