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Coyote Hunting: 8 Essentials for Outsmarting Coyotes

By Tracy Breen Hunters hate coyotes. Coyotes are blamed for everything. If we don’t see deer in the fall, it must be because of coyotes. If turkey numbers are down, coyotes are at fault. If a group of buddies is … Continue reading

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Coyote Hunting: Tips On Coyote Calling

By Bernie Barringer Two experts share their coyote calling tips. “Find the food and you’ll find the coyotes.” This axiom holds true across North America wherever hunters pursue the yodelers. That’s why Duane Fronek, from Wisconsin, starts where deer are … Continue reading

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Coyote Hunting: Understand Their Basic Behavior

By Cara Hunt Coyote Hunting Tips to Improve Your Odds To the unseasoned hunter, coyote behavior can be both complex and frustrating. After all, with their excellent hearing and eyesight, and noses that out-smell humans by more than 10,000 times, … Continue reading

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Coyote Hunting: 3 Rifles For Coyote Hunting Beginners

By Cara Hunt A Good Coyote Hunting Rifle Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank So you’ve decided to branch out from hunting deer, elk and moose to hunting predators. That’s excellent news, especially if you live in areas that have … Continue reading

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