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Beginners Guide To Small Game Hunting ~ by Brad Herndon

We were way up in Marquarte Hollow, and Old Maude, our basset hound, was running a rabbit. Old Maude was as slow as molasses going uphill, but she had a great nose, and the rabbit she was tracking only had … Continue reading

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Post Season Scouting: A Key To Next Year’s Bowhunting Success by Brad Herndon

Steve Knebel was up early as usual, well before daylight. He fixed a thermos of hot coffee and was soon on his way to one of his big buck hotspots. After a short walk he settled into a small, timbered … Continue reading

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Bow Hunting The Late Deer Season by Brad Herndon

Fewer hunters, high numbers of deer and some dandy bucks left By Brad Herndon               The date was January 7.  It was the last day of Indiana’s late archery season, and soon it would be over since the sun was … Continue reading

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Brad Herndon Reviews Havalon Knives for Field Dressing Deer

This is my first year using Havalon knives and as the 2010 season has progressed I have been able to use them quite a bit — for field-dressing, caping out a buck, and for butchering. Therefore I want to update … Continue reading

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