Popularity of Hunting Increases Among Women

Hunting has gained popularity among women, both married and single. In Louisiana, Sherry Finck took to hunting after her daughter left for college. According to the Shreveport Times, Finck joined her hunting husband and now they hunt together both in Louisiana and out of state.

Thanks to programs such as the National Wild Turkey Federation’s “Women in the Outdoors” program and the University of Wisconsin’s “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” events, women have more opportunities than ever to acquire the skills they need to be successful hunters. The National Rifle Association also sponsors the “Women on Target” program that offers shooting clinics and beginner hunts.

Hunting is no longer perceived as strictly a man’s sport. The Shreveport Times reports that out of $3.4 billion spent annually on firearms, ammo and hunting gear, $500 million is spent by women who hunt.

To read the Shreveport Times article, click here.

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