It’s Official: Jim and Eva Shockey Named Co-Chairs of National Hunting and Fishing Day

2015 NHF Day takes place on September 26

National Hunting and Fishing Day co-chairs Jim and Eva Shockey

Jim and Eva Shockey are set to serve as co-chairs for this year’s National Hunting and Fishing Day. (Photo: NHF Day)

This year’s National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHF Day), which recognizes hunters and anglers for their leadership and commitment to fish and wildlife conservation, will have two of the most famous people in the hunting and outdoor world as co-chairs. Jim and Eva Shockey, co-hosts of the show “Jim Shockey’s UNCHARTED,” are ready to serve as honorary co-chairs for the event, which takes place on Sept. 26.

“As an outdoorswoman, I see the value in keeping and expanding the natural resources that we have to enjoy,” said Eva Shockey. “NHF Day is a great way to stop and observe those who came before and the efforts taken by those to conserve our lands and waterways.”

The Shockey’s are instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the industry. Most recently, Eva was featured on the cover of Field & Stream, the first woman in 30 years to do so. Her father Jim is a world-class big-game hunter, outfitter and writer, as well as producer and host of “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures” and “Jim Shockey’s UNCHARTED,” which air on the Outdoor Channel. “Jim Shockey’s UNCHARTED” won the “Best New Series” award at this year’s Golden Moose Awards.

“It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the hunt, but we as hunters and anglers need to remember what it takes to generate such beauty,” said Jim Shockey. “We have a duty to conserve our heritage and that starts by recognizing the efforts of those before us and establishing a mindset of conservation in the next generation of outdoorsmen.”

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