Havalon Knives Reviewed by BC Hunting

Havalon Knives reviewed by BC HuntingProperly skinning and caping your game is a critical part of preserving your trophy should you wish to have it mounted by your taxidermist.  Aside from practice and skill, the only tool that will help you do a better job is a razor sharp knife designed for the purpose of skinning and caping game.”

“Being a backpack hunter, trophy care is very important to me when we are several days away from a taxidermist.  Up until now, I’ve always carried my handmade hunting knife, and a 2 different sized scalpal handles with blades to make my caping job easier.  I am always interested in new hunting gizmos and through a hunting forum I belong to I was introduced to a company out of Cincinnati, Ohio, by the name of Havalon Knives.  Havalon came out with an ingenius design of a knife called the Piranta that incorporates the simplicity and compactness of a pocket knife, with the lazer sharp precision of removable scalpal blades.”

The reviewer goes on to give a thorough analysis of “construction,” “blades,” and “ease of use” based upon real world experience in the field. 

To read the complete review click here Havalon Knives Reviewed by BC Hunting.

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