A Havalon Knife Lost and a Lifetime of Memories Found


Mr. Dupee used a Havalon knife on this Yukon Moose

We received an email from Ron Dupee a while back telling us that he and his dad had a great hunting trip in the Yukon and each took a magnificent moose.  Only problem was that his dad lost his Piranta-Original during the hunt!   Well their story was so good and their pictures were so awesome, that the boss said we could go ahead and replace dad’s knife.  Luckily Ron had a Piranta-EDGE and he used it to process both moose as he relates below:

“I received my Havalon Piranta Edge skinning knife for Christmas 2009 and couldn’t wait to use it.  I failed on my attempt for a spring black bear and had to wait for our fall moose hunt.  I finally got my chance in the fall of 2010.  My dad and I both shot big moose here in Alaska.  I used my Piranta Edge to skin and cape out my moose, and for the majority of the quartering process, with only 2 blades.   I used 2 blades to skin and quarter my father’s moose.”


Ron Dupee and his Yukon moose.

“Having skinned and quartered over a dozen moose and caribou I can say without a doubt this is the best skinning knife I have ever owned.  It is simple to use and never goes dull.  There is no messing with stones or sharpeners, you just pop in a new razor sharp blade and you’re ready to go.  The blaze orange handle made it almost impossible to lose.  Thank you for the great product.  I look forward to years of future use.”

When we hear stories like that, it’s like Christmas coming early.  Thanks Ron and best wishes to you and your dad for many great hunts together in the future.

If you have a great Havalon story to share, please send it in to the editor@havalon.com with a photo or two.  We’ll do our best to share it here or on our website.

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2 Responses to A Havalon Knife Lost and a Lifetime of Memories Found

  1. Betty Dupee says:

    The name is DUPEE….. and they are both AWESOME.
    Mom and Wife.

  2. havalon says:

    Our apologies. The name has been corrected. Thank you for calling it to our attention!

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