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5 Reasons Not to Build Your Own Treestand

5 Reasons Not to Build Your Own Treestand By Steve Sorensen Have you ever built a treestand? Maybe you dream of a tree condo – 8′ by 8′ with a pitched roof, carpeted floor, sliding windows and a propane gas … Continue reading

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself before You Go 
Fanning for Gobblers!

By Steve Sorensen “Fanning” for Gobblers – HOT or NOT?  The heart-pounding new method of turkey hunting is called “fanning for gobblers.” It ramps up the excitement by adding elements to the hunt you can’t get from traditional call-em-up-to-the-shotgun style of … Continue reading

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A Hunter’s Loftiest Goal — 7 Strategies for Staying Safe in a Self-Climber

By Mike Marsh What goes up must come down … safely! Deer hunters achieve a primary goal when they bring a nice buck home, but hunters have an infinitely more important, mostly unstated goal. That goal is for the hunter … Continue reading

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Hang ’em High! 5 Ways to be Safer in Your Treestand

By Mike Marsh Make sure you live to hunt another day! Hunters love to hang ’em high. I’m talking about treestands, not the movie. Don’t be one of the hunters left dangling after a misstep when transitioning in or out … Continue reading

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