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The Great Sighting-In Debate, Part 2

The Great Sighting-In Debate, Part 2: Five Reasons Shooting Ability Is More Important Than MOA Accuracy By Steve Sorensen The view that you don’t need minute-of-angle (MOA) accuracy from a deer rifle does not mean accuracy is not at all important. … Continue reading

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Choosing the Best Do-It-All Scopes

By Ron Spomer Always consider these six factors when selecting scopes for your rifles! Some shooters think Do-It-All scopes are as impractical as Do-It-All rifles. However, a rather strong argument can be made for the 30-06 Springfield and a 3-9x42mm optic. … Continue reading

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An Elephant Gun For Hog Hunting – Why Not?

By Max Prasac A hog hunting expert answers questions about the proper firearm for a big ol’ pig. I have to admit that I harbor dreams of Africa. What hunter doesn’t? A number of years ago I was determined to … Continue reading

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A Dozen Quick-Hit Mule Deer Tactics Every Pro Uses

by Ron Spomer  When it Comes to Mule Deer Hunting, Eyesight is Your Most Useful Piece of Equipment .    It sounds easy – find a mule deer, sneak within range, and make a clean shot. Sometimes it is that simple, but usually it won’t … Continue reading

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Your Guide to Scopes for Mule Deer Hunting

by Ron Spomer Seven rules for scoping up for western mule deer. Without a scope to aim it, the most accurate, powerful, flat-shooting mule deer rifle is little better than a .30-30 Winchester lever-action. Despite all the hype surrounding “magnum” … Continue reading

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