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Get Ahead of The Pack – How to Prep Your “Go-Bag” for Big Game Season

By Mike Marsh The easiest way to handle your hunting checklist is to have the right pack! In my business as a full-time hunting and fishing communicator, I occasionally need to grab a firearm and head out for a hunt … Continue reading

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What’s in Your Waterfowl Go-Bag?

Seven Tips for Toting Gear to Your Waterfowl Blind  By Mike Marsh A buddy calls. “Let go duck hunting – I’ll pick you up in ten minutes.” Will you be ready? If a friend invites you for a waterfowl hunt at … Continue reading

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How to Handle that Cumbersome Crossbow

By Mike Marsh Six secrets to taming your crossbow’s balance and weight! Hunters who use crossbows during archery season know that their accuracy and power come with some big tradeoffs. They lack the lightweight portability of a hand-held vertical bow … Continue reading

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A Hunter’s Loftiest Goal — 7 Strategies for Staying Safe in a Self-Climber

By Mike Marsh What goes up must come down … safely! Deer hunters achieve a primary goal when they bring a nice buck home, but hunters have an infinitely more important, mostly unstated goal. That goal is for the hunter … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Heat Stop You from Hog Hunting

By Mike Marsh 6 secrets to protecting your pork from hot weather! No one will argue that aging game birds and venison can enhance taste and texture. But aging of pork may result in spoiled meat and food poisoning for … Continue reading

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