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Crappie Fishing: 4 Secrets Crappie Don’t Want You To Know

Bernie Barringer has broken the language barrier with crappies! And he’s made a deal with a crappie to tell him the four immutable laws of crappie fishing. Pay close attention! As Told By “Slab” From Somewhere in Minnesota I know you’re … Continue reading

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Hunting Ice-Out Crappies

Early spring crappie fishing can be a “spot-and-stalk” hunt. By Bernie Barringer If you’re like most people who live across the northern third of the USA, you get excited about the break-up of the ice that usually covers the lakes … Continue reading

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Baracuta-Edge Fillet Knife Review:
Charlie Brandt Messin’ With Crappie

How To Undress A Bucket Of Crappies With A Havalon Fillet Knife by Steve Sorensen When I needed a lesson in knifemanship, I figured my neighbor, pro fisherman Charlie Brant, was the best teacher. So I asked him to call … Continue reading

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Spring Fishing for Crappie ~ By Darl Black

For A Great Many Anglers, Crappie Are #1 What do papermouth, speckled perch, calico and strawberry bass have in common? All are nicknames for crappie. There are two species of crappie; the “black”, sporting irregular dark spots on its sides … Continue reading

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