Paul’s Stories from the Road:
Best Hunting Knife for Skinning Boar

By Paul Schwartz

Paul Schwartz, Havalon Division Sales Manager

Paul Schwartz, Havalon Division Sales Manager

Today, I was spoke with Matt from North Carolina. One species that Matt guides hunts for is wild Russian boar, and according to Matt, cutting through the hide of these beasts is like cutting through steel armored plating. On one of Matt’s guided hunts, a repeat client from Maryland observed him sharpening his hunting knife five, six, or more times to dress-out one animal. As is typical for Matt (and most other hunters), he worked harder dressing the hog than hunting it. The client could not believe the amount of work Matt was going through, so he said he would send him a knife that he had to try. Matt was more than happy to accommodate, because after years and years of sharpening knives, like most, he was horrible at it. But he was of the attitude, that it’s probably just another one of those “latest and greatest” tool suggestions.

Not too long after, Matt and his brother each received the promised Havalon Piranta knives. After using his knife, Matt was amazed at how easily the scalpel blade cut through the hide, and was thrilled that he did not have to sharpen his knife. I will paraphrase what Matt said next, “My Piranta is the gall darndest best hog hunting knife I have! That knife will cut through the hide of a boar like nothing I have ever seen. I can completely dress two large boars with one blade.”

Need I say more?

Matt is very eager to become a dealer for Havalon. He knows that having our knife available to his clients will benefit them immensely.


About Paul Schwartz:

As the Sales Manager for Havalon Knives, Paul’s primary responsibility is to manage the day-to-day sales through Havalon’s retail, dealer, and web outlets. But Paul adds that making each customer feel appreciated and happy is also an essential part of his daily work.

Originally from Cincinnati, Paul makes his home with his beautiful wife, Maura, in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, which is right on the border of Indiana and Ohio. Paul says, “I can hop, skip, and jump into Ohio. I know; I have done it.” Paul and Maura love dogs, and currently have three rescue dogs. And when Paul’s not working or spending time with his family, he enjoys going to the local stables, jumping on a trusty steed, and spending hours riding through the woods, enjoying the Indiana scenery and wildlife.

What’s your story? Please email me at Let us know why your Havalon Knife is the best hunting knife you have ever used, and what knife now stays back home in the old coffee can.

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Best Hunting Knife for Skinning Boar

  1. Great interview, can’t wait for the next installment!

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