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The Great Sighting-In Debate, Part 2

The Great Sighting-In Debate, Part 2: Five Reasons Shooting Ability Is More Important Than MOA Accuracy By Steve Sorensen The view that you don’t need minute-of-angle (MOA) accuracy from a deer rifle does not mean accuracy is not at all important. … Continue reading

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The Great Sighting-In Debate, Part 1

The Great Sighting-In Debate, Part 1: Five Reasons Your Deer Rifle Needs MOA Accuracy By Steve Sorensen My dad and uncle were both clustering their bullet holes into tiny groups on a paper target at 100 yards. Half their holes … Continue reading

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Tips For The Veteran Hunter

By Ron Spomer You can always tell a veteran deer hunter — you just can’t tell him much! We old timers who’ve been around the buck a time or two certainly know more than most young whipper snappers, but that … Continue reading

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A Guide’s Advice for Life-Long Fishing Success

By William Clunie 7 strategies that guarantee life-long fishing success. When I first started guiding fly-fishing clients I thought I would be the one doing the teaching. After twelve years of guiding on the Androscoggin River in western Maine, I … Continue reading

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Lucky Lures for Summer Bass Fishing

By Darl Black The simple secrets of catching bass in water 10 feet deep or less! Summertime and bass fishing is easy — or so we like to imagine! In part, it may seem that fishing is easy because once … Continue reading

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