9 Fall Turkey Hunting Secrets – Part 2 (Secrets 4-6)

By Judd Cooney

Fall Turkey Hunting Secret #4: Call Them In The Right Direction

For successful turkey calling spring or fall, make it easy for them to respond.  This means coaxing them in a direction they are already prone to go or to an area where they would normally assemble, rather than trying to con them into reversing direction or move into an area they wouldn’t normally use or feel safe.

Secret #5: Isolate The Turkeys

The most popular method of calling to bag a fall turkey is to find a flock and spook them into scattering to the four winds.  Being flock birds, turkeys, hate being isolated and alone.  When you break up a flock in the fall, it doesn’t take them long to start calling loudly trying to locate their flock mates and get back together.  It’s important to break up the flock as quickly and violently as possible to spread them out as far as possible.

Secret #6: The Right Calls

Once I spook a flock, I move cautiously into calling position 100-200 yards from where the turkeys were spooked in the direction that highest number of turkeys headed.    I won’t make a sound for at least an hour unless I hear birds start calling.  I use lost hen calls, the kee kee’s of young birds and coarse, plaintive old hen yelps.  Once I see or hear birds responding I’ll switch to softer sounding clucks and purrs to bring them the rest of the way.   Fall is one time when it’s tough to overcall birds. You’re not dealing with pressured and skittish toms. Scattered turkeys can get boisterous and the sounds the old and young birds make vary a lot between birds.

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