5 Ways Squirrel Hunting Increases Your Odds With Big Game

By Cara Hunt

Yes, Bushy Tails Can Improve Your Hunting Skills!

There is no greater joy for a hunter than bringing home a deer or elk you just stalked in the woods. The greatest disappointment is putting forth your best effort and bringing home nothing. So how can you make sure that you bring home the best kill every time? Take up squirrel hunting and you’ll be a better hunter than you ever dreamed possible.

squirrel-hunting-improves-hunting-skillsHere are five ways your hunting skills are honed by chasing the chattery little critters before going after big game.

  1. Squirrel hunting fine tunes your eyesight to look for things you might normally miss. When you’re hunting for bushy tails, you have to become accustomed to small movements, like the flick of a tail or a wisp of fur moving across the forest floor. Squirrels move fast and make small movements. If you are able to fine tune your sight enough to see movements from these small creatures and shoot on sight, you’ll find that matching up the flick of an ear with a perfect buck or doe is much simpler than it was before.

  3. You’ll learn to move more stealthily so that animals don’t detect you as easily when you are in their midst. Squirrels are skittish animals that will run the moment they hear, smell or see a human being. Other animals have a tendency to behave the same way. To be successful at squirrel hunting you must learn to be as quiet as a mouse, or quieter. That’s a skill that requires a lot of practice to master, but critical to success with stalking big game.

  5. Squirrel hunting can help you discover where deer spend their time. You’ll spend a bit of time climbing around while you’re searching for bushy tails and while you’re jumping around from crevice to crevice and climbing the odd tree, you’ll likely discover not only evidence of deer nearby but also excellent locations for deer stands. These new stand locations will give you a leg up on the deer you’re hunting and new opportunities to come out on top.

  7. You’ll learn to listen for the faintest sounds, even the tiny chirrup and chatter of a squirrel looking for walnuts in a tree. Being able to recognize the subtle sounds any animal makes can help you get the best shot off at the right time so you never have to feel like you’re missing out. Literally or figuratively.

  9. Squirrel hunting will teach you to slow down, wait for the best shot, and most importantly, be patient. Hunting squirrels isn’t easy. Any squirrel hunter will tell you that bushy tails are hard to keep in your sights and most of all, hard to bag. You have to be committed to the hunt and to the fleeting moments that present your best shot at your target. Many hunters give up far too easily on their prey when they’re out in the woods.

So if you can master the art of waiting for a few squirrels to move into your kill zone, you’ll find you’re a much better shot when a trophy buck moves into your crosshairs.

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